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Sanctum identifies five key trends for the industry in investment outlook report
11/08/2017 , News Team

Sanctum Wealth Management has launched its Mid-Year Investment Outlook report for 2017, identifying five key trends that are likely to influence asset allocation decisions and bottom up portfolio construction in the second half of this calendar year.

The five trends identified by Sanctum are as follows:

  • New energy: With over half of India's total electricity capacity predicted to come from non-fossil fuel sources by the combination of dropping prices in solar and reductions in storage costs look poised to significantly impact the traditional energy model built on hydrocarbon. 

  • New transportation: Sanctum predicts that disruption is coming to transportation as electric cars are seeing an increase in popularity. This shift is likely to positively impact the potential growth rate of the Indian economy. The Indian auto industry is well positioned to hold its own - with a bit of government support - and will not cede leadership easily.  

  • New sharing economy: The sharing-economy model will spread to sectors such as energy, telecom and retail said the firm and it would therefore be crucial that incumbents be watchful of the impact this can have on business. 

  • New manufacturing: Robo-advice teams will be an attractive option for financial institutions looking to cut labour costs, while lowering investment and financial planning costs. 

  • New paradigm: Cryptocurrencies (CRCs) and blockchain technologies are providing a new framework for Internet protocols. The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as a third wave in the development of cyberspace. VR and AR are about to become more immersive, comfortable, and affordable according to Sanctum. 

Prateek Pant, head of products and solutions at Sanctum, said: “The advent of artificial intelligence, sharing economies, automation and digital currencies are likely to disrupt the face of the Indian business landscape as we know it today. Our Mid-Year Investment Outlook Report for 2017 throws light on these disruptive trends and analyses their impact on our clients’ investment decisions.”

Sanctum Wealth Management is an Indian firm created through the transfer of RBS' India Private Banking business.

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