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Half of UK investors optimistic about investment returns over next year - Legg Mason
13/09/2017 , News Team

Half of UK investors are ‘somewhat optimistic’ about the returns their investments could achieve over the next year, according to Legg Mason Global Asset Management’s 2017 Global Investment Survey.

Meanwhile, despite fears over Brexit and the impact of record low interest rates, 13 percent of investors are ‘very optimistic’. A further 30 percent are ‘not that optimistic’ and a minority of eight percent are ‘not optimistic at all’.

Legg Mason’s fifth annual Global Investment Survey polled over 15,000 people worldwide, and found that UK investors are some of the most positive in Europe when it comes to the outlook of their portfolios.

The survey found that only Swedish investors are more positive than UK investors overall, with 62 percent saying they are ‘somewhat optimistic’ and six percent ‘very optimistic’. On average, 49 percent of European investors are ‘somewhat optimistic’ about the outlook for returns and seven percent ‘very optimistic’.

In the UK, 46 percent of investors highlighted the outcome of negotiations to leave the EU as an issue which could impact the performance of their investments. Ongoing concerns over low interest rates topped Brexit, with 52 percent citing this as a worry.

Globally, US and Chinese investors are the most positive when it comes to the outlook for returns: 46 percent of US investors say they are ‘somewhat optimistic’ and a further 34 percent ‘very optimistic’. In China, the figures are 63 percent and 17 percent respectively.

Japanese investors are the least optimistic, with 48 percent of respondents saying they are not that optimistic, and 12 percent are not at all optimistic.

Head of Europe and Americas distribution at Legg Mason, Justin Eede, said: “While there has been an understandable focus on the impact of Brexit, the truly global nature of investment markets – particularly the FTSE 100 – means investors can continue to make returns irrespective of the domestic outlook.

“As such, it is perhaps unsurprising that such a positive attitude has prevailed into 2017, especially following the gains seen the previous year across some asset classes.”

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