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Roger Nightingdale finds a new home 05/05/2005

SG Hambros makes three more senior hires 13/04/2005

European parliament rejects witholding tax amendments 01/02/1999
The European Commission's attempts to impose a 20 percent common witholding tax on income from bank accounts and international debt securities rumbles on despite opposition from industry bodies representing banks and securities houses.

The Euro Conundrum 01/12/1998
Despite their differences, both proponents and opponents of the euro, or single European currency, probably share at least one common opinion.

Equity Culture Hits Europe 01/07/1998
Irrespective of its final impact on the European wealth management market, the advent of the euro - the single European currency - already seems to have provided a catalyst for change.

New Euro Indices on The Way 01/05/1998

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